The Killer Property Portal Strategy – Part Two

Last week we wrote about property portals and the importance of fully understanding the strategy behind this decision. Once you have decided, you need to consider what these adverts should look like and what information they should include....


Pictures, CGI’s, imagery, property porn! – there are countless statistics to show that this must be eye catching (literally!) to get the right clicks. Take time to dress the property that will capture the imagination and to inspire to the right audience - and spend the money getting the right photography - it’s worth paying for a professional. I balk when I see estate agents carrying a camera as 99% of the time the pictures will be awful, and these images are representing your property!

Floor plan

No floor plan, no clicks. Today buyers want to see what they are buying in a practical, easy to read plan and if you can demonstrate where furniture will live, this will also help – especially for awkward spaces.


Video is a tough one, and as I am writing a blog about portals, I am going to focus the mind on what a portal does for us; it does not sell the property, it sells the viewing. Its purpose is to attract an enquiry for either more information or to book a viewing. So, when it comes to adding a video – it is largely down to budget. I have seen images that have been turned into a ‘video’ which I think is naff. I have also seen amateur mock-ups which I have not warmed to either – but I have also seen some masterpieces, which often means there has been a budget, and it has been thought through properly. If you are going to make a video, it needs to create a lifestyle and brand that the buyer will fall in love with, highlighting what the property/development offers. Again, the video won’t ‘sell’ the property but will underpin why they are buying it and why they are paying a premium. It is also an amazing tool for the buyer to show off to their friends (hence why it has to be really good). Unless the video is stunning, I can see no evidence on why you would add a video to the property portal.


Adding the full development brochure to a portal is not advisable, as it is more valuable to get someone's data before they receive the brochure - this is the same for development websites too – I always request someone's information if they request the brochure.

Special features

The estate agent will also have an array of features they can subscribe to from the portals (at an additional cost to the agent) – featured properties, banner adverts, local area sponsorship and so on. This is a personal preference and I would certainly push for as much exposure as possible. Getting this type of exposure at the launch of the scheme is a good idea and chopping and changing throughout the duration will keep the brand in front of the audience. But it doesn't have to be a constant and often giving portals a break (say after 9-12 months if it’s a larger scheme) is a good idea to keep things fresh.

So there we have it! Some information on portals and as ever – it is never straight forward. And just to add a spin to all of this….technology is changing all the time and what works today may not work tomorrow and no doubt this blog will date! So, if you need any (up to date!) independent advice drop us a line and we can things through. Best of luck!

If you ever want to talk through any of these strategies, please feel free to get in touch anytime.